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Digital Resources: Smart Devices

Check out these tutorials for downloadable books, audiobooks, music, and digital magazines!

You are smarter than your device

So now you have a smart device...where to begin?

Start with our Smartphone Basics  and Tablet Basics  pages.

Then, determine what company made the product and choose the page you need below.

Apple Amazon  Android 
=anything that starts with "i" =all versions of Kindle =literally everything else
Ex. iPhone, iPad, iPod Ex. Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch Ex. Samsung, Galaxy, Nexus, newer nooks

Never Forget

Some important things to remember on all your smart devices are:


Account Info. (email and password, Apple ID and password, etc.)

Write down your PIN combo and account information somewhere safe!

  • It's possible to get back into your device if you forget your pass code but you may lose some data/settings when you restore your device.

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ebooks made easy

10 easy steps to get our library ebooks/audiobooks onto your tablet/phone!

1.   You will first need to install the Overdrive app. 

Open the App Store (or Google Play ), tap the Search bar, and type Overdrive.

Tap the +Get button to install the app.
2.   You will be prompted to sign up for an Overdrive account. Tap the blue Sign Up bar, then follow the prompts to register.  
3.   After registration, you’ll be taken to the Overdrive home screen. Tap the icon in the top left corner of the screen, or swipe your finger from the right side of the screen to open the app menu.
4.   Tap the option to Add a library. Type in New Braunfels Public library, tap search, then select it from the list by tapping.   Tap the star next to Lone Star Digital Library to add us as a favorite for easy access. Tap the arrow in the top left corner three times to return to the home screen.
5.   Now, tap Lone Star Digital Library to be taken to the library’s digital home page. You’ll see a variety of ways to search or browse for titles.
6.   Once you find a title you’d like to check out, tap on the cover to borrow the book, get more information about the title, or place the item on hold. 
7.   Tap Borrow to check out an item.

Select New Braunfels Public Library from the [select library] menu. Type in your library card number and password when prompted. *If you don’t know your password or your card needs to be renewed, give us a call at 830-221-4300.
8.   You’ll be taken to your Bookshelf, where you can see all the items you currently have checked out. Tap the black Download button next to the item you’d like to download. If the item is an eBook, select Adobe EPUB eBook from the dropdown menu, then tap Confirm & Download. Audiobooks will automatically select the proper format, so simply tap Download (MP3 Audiobook).
9.   You should see a small blue box with a number pop up over the icon in the top left corner. Tap it to pull the menu back out.
10.   Tap Bookshelf to see the items you have downloaded on your device. To read or listen to a title, simply tap the cover.

Additional Tips & Info!

•    Allowed 3 items checked out per Overdrive account at any one time. They can be any combination of eBooks and eAudio titles.
•    Sometimes, all the available digital copies of an item will be checked out. Instead of the Borrow option, you can instead put an item on hold. Overdrive will email you when the title is ready.

•    You don’t have to return your title – it will expire automatically after two weeks. If you’d like to return it early, make sure you’re in the Overdrive app in Bookshelf mode. Then simply tap the cover of the item you’d like to return and hold your finger there until a blue bar appears at the bottom of the cover. Then tap Return and confirm your choice in the popup. The item is instantly returned to the library for someone else to enjoy and has been removed from your account and your device.
•    If you need additional help, call us 830-221-4300 for troubleshooting assistance or for a one-on-one tutoring session.

Overdrive Help & Info. Links

*Check out the Digital Resources blog for step-by-step instructions and tutorials for other databases and online resources that the library offers!

Let's Get Digital. Digital!

Don't let your smart device get you like:    


EXPLORE your device!!!    


Some ways to explore your device:

 Push the buttons!

 Touch the screen!

 Take a shortcut! Find the hidden menus on your device. Usually you need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen or swipe down from the top.

Tech Session

Have a specific problem or question with your smart device?

Join us at the library every Wednesday from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm in the Conference Room.

The Digital Services Librarian will be there to answer all your smart device questions!

Or contact me directly via email/phone below!

Digital Services Librarian

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Miranda Robbins

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